Why Moderation Doesn't Work!

Orit Mann | Thursday, November 23, 2017
Why Moderation doesn’t work!

Whenever I hear a client say they are trying to learn how to eat in moderation I ask what does that mean to you?  Does moderation mean eating clean all week and then eating a dozen donuts on the weekend then getting back on track?  Does it mean having a glass of wine a night or not having any for the week then binge drinking on the weekends?  Moderation is relative and left up to your own definition and interpretation; therefore it is not concrete and will set you up to fail.

We specialize in helping our clients achieve their goals because we work through a process.  First we make sure our clients have a specific goal.  We make them write it down.  Next, what is the time frame in which they are looking to achieve their goal?  Next, what are the specific steps they will need to take to achieve that goal? An example would be, willing to train 3 days a week then take bootcamp 2 times a week.  Next, what price are they willing to pay to achieve that goal?  Everyone has a budget and our goal is to help you achieve your physical and mental goals, but to stay within your economical budget.  Last, we review daily what actions our clients have performed to get them closer to their goal.  We keep our clients accountable and encourage them to always take steps in the direction of their goals in order to achieve success.