Not Feeling It Today

Orit Mann | Monday, January 15, 2018

Some days maybe you're just not feeling this whole work out craze. There can be a variety of reasons, maybe you're tired, work is exhausting, perhaps the kids have a busy schedule that you're trying to balance out with your own. That's just naming a few potential reasons. We all have days where getting a workout in feels more like a chore. These are the days where you need to surprise yourself, push through your work out no matter what and be able to say that you did it. Because if you get yourself through days like that, that means you truly want it and you won't let anything get in your way. It doesn't mean you have to have the most intense workout ever, but to keep pushing forward is what drives you closer and closer to achieving your goals. However if you listen to the mindset of, "what's missing one day going to do?", it can lead you to give in to this mindset over and over and that doesn't create progress. If your body doesn't feel up to the challenge, it doesn't have to be a long workout, and you don't have to push the intensity like you normally would. You can listen to what your body is saying and adjust from there. You'll be happier to have pushed through. If you have a trainer, communicate to them how you're feeling. A good trainer will know how to adjust the workout properly, even on the spot. All in all, the next time you're not feeling it, just remind yourself what your goals are and why you started in the first place. Get your game face on and get moving! You might just surprise yourself and we're pretty sure you'll enjoy that feeling!