I Don't Have Time To Exercise

Orit Mann | Sunday, November 19, 2017

I don’t have time to exercise.  I’m too busy with my job, commute, building my business, kids, spouse, fill in the EXCUSE, yes I said excuse.

Every person that I have trained or come across that has been successful at accomplishing their workout goals have had a plan of action and worked towards that goal.  That does not mean joining a gym and fitting a workout in when you have the time or it falls into your schedule.  What it means is setting that 45-60 minutes of the day aside to workout.

Most people will cancel a session because something “came up”.  Now don’t misunderstand me, we have all had an emergency such as a sick child, a flat tire, etc. and yes those are emergencies, but not everything is “urgent”.  If you are stuck late at work 3-5 days a week, it is because you do not execute boundaries and manage your time properly.  If you cannot put aside 5-6 hours of your 168-hour week then you are lying to yourself and being fit and healthy is obviously not a priority to you.

We at Infinity, don’t buy into roadblocks, we crush them. We teach our clients how to jump over hurdles, not to be stopped by them.  We gear our training sessions and boot camps to those that do not have the 2 hours a day to lift and do cardio and hang out at a gym.  We design each clients’ program in order to meet their goals and take time into account.  For those that are not willing to drive to the studio, we offer in home personal training and we also offer corporate wellness training where we come to your business.

So what is your excuse for not coming?