How we get our clients results & teach them lifelong nutrition lessons

At Infinity we choose to be honest with our clients and not scam them into a “Diet” mentality. We build relationships and trust with our clients.  We are not just here to simply put you through a workout like a typical trainer. We cater to our client’s individual goals, needs, limitations and lifestyle.  We place a lot of emphasis on your previous injuries, limitations and your food plan and we will always offer support and suggestions.  We have a fully stocked protein shake bar and sell a vast variety of protein bars, chips, supplements and more.  We are one of the only studios in the area that has a certified nutritionist on staff who is ready to teach you how to read food labels, offer you healthy recipes, go over menus of your favorite restaurants, go food shopping with you and clean out your pantries at home in order to get you on the road to a healthy mindset and lifestyle.